Welcome to my quiz. There are 9 multiple choice questions to answer. You can answer the questions by filling in the form and send it by clicking on the Send NSX quiz button.
The price is a exclusive NSX-background.

Question 1: What is the newest colour in Europe?

Question 2: What is the number of valves in the new NSX?
16 valves
24 valves
32 valves

Question 3: When did the production of the NSX start?

Question 4: on which scale you can get a model of a police NSX? (go to information page)
1 : 18
1 : 40
1 : 59

Question 5: Who is the founder of Honda
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Soichiro Honda

Question 6: Which of the Following F1 racing motorist did help to develop the NSX ?
Michael Schumacher
Ayrton Senna
Alex Zanardi

Question 7: How many types NSX can you buy in Japan?

Question 8: Which color sweater am I wearing while I sit in the silver NSX-T? (go to gallery)
many colors

Question9: Which is the best result the NSX made at 24 hours Le Mans
It was 3rd (at GT I)
It was 1st (at GT II)
It was 1st (at GT I)

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Updated: 21 July 2000

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