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This is the page for the The Dutch NSX club. This is the english version. If your are dutch, please go to the dutch version were you can find much more information. This english page will just give an small expression of what our club does.

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30 September 2001 - World Of Honda NSX tour 2001

On this NSX day we started at Hyperformance in Zoetermeer (in the west of Holland). On this place we took lined the cars up for a foto session.

We drove this year with 6 NSX 6 Type-R and 3 other Honda's. (This is a record).

Here is a list of cars that participated:

1.      NSX            white              1992    
2. NSX red 1991
3. NSX red 1992
4. NSX red 1992
5. NSX red 1992
6. NSX black 1993
7. Integra (R) white ?2000
8. Integra (R) white ?2000
9. Integra (R) white ?2000
10. Integra (R) white ?2000
11. Integra (R) white ?2000
12. Accord (R) white ?2000
13. Accord green ?1998
14. Civic yellow ?2000
15. CRX



After that we we drove the NSX tour to the beautifall fall scenery:

And we stopped at some places for some more pictures.

We ended the day by a go-kart competition. It was a great day.

You can find all he best pictures in the gallery or read the complete journal in dutch on the dutch NSX page.

If you are intrested to join this day or you want more information. Don't hessitate to send an e-mail to

9 JULY 2000 - NSX VELUWE RIT - journey

The first Dutch NSX event was a great succes. There were 5 Honda NSXs (and that's a lot for Holland) and there were a lot of other intresting Honda's.

Photo's are available. Please go to the NSX gallery to find 41 photo's of this day. Here you can find a few

This is a list of cars that joined us this day for the TOUR

1.      NSX            white              1992    
2. NSX red 1991
3. NSX red 1992
4. NSX red 1992
5. NSX black 1993
6. S2000 blue 2000
7. S2000 blue 2000
8. S800 white ?1964
9. Prelude white ?1991
10. Prelude silver ?1997
11. CRX black ?1997
12. Integra Type R white ?1997
13. CRX




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For more information to join the club. Please send a mail to


NSX in Holland

This is a list of all the NSXs I know in Holland.

Foto Type                        Year         > Licence    Import For Sale Price (Fl.)           Special
. NSX 1991       ? Ja 85.000  
. NSX 1991       Ja       
. NSX ?       Ja       
. NSX 1992       ?       
. NSX 1992       ? Ja 80.000  
. NSX 1992     FB-FL-24 Nee       
. NSX 1993       Ja       
. NSX 1994     HT-TT-12 Nee Ja 152.500  
. NSX-T (targa) 1995       Nee Ja ?????  
. NSX 1997     TN-TJ-33 Nee       

...... (and more)



Renso Lohuis

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Founder of the dutch NSX club

NSX Owners

Guus Toth

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Gerard van Santen

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Anonymous (2)

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NSX Fans

Marco en Miranda van Oort  
Bart de Witte  
Hans ?  
P. G.  
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Marco de Ruijter  
Louis Blansjaar  

Ronny Lucassen

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